• You have tagged data points in Data Setup app.
  • You have the DV Advanced user role.
  1. In the Dashboard, select Edit.
  1. Select Create widget.
  1. Select the Overview widget.
  1. Select Next.
  • The Create widget wizard displays.
  1. In Title, enter a name for the widget.
  1. Select a Location for which the analysis is calculated.
  • In Available tags, the tags available for the location displays.
  1. In Available tags, do one of the following:
  • Select a tag or combination of tags from the search list and select Select (1).
  • In the tag list, select (2) next to the tag.
  1. In Selected tags, expand a tag entry.
  1. Define a custom name (3) and threshold value (optional) for the tag that is displayed in the chart.
  1. Select Chart type and Y- Axis from the dropdown list.
  1. Select Step 2 (4).
  1. Select multiple locations (maximum 20) of the data points.
  1. In Preview, change the time range (5).

This range is only used in the preview and will not be applied to the dashboard.

  1. Define a KPI range (6).
  1. Select Calculate KPI (7).
  1. Select Create (8).