In the Overview widget editor (Step 1), you can edit the widget details such as widget name, available tags, selected tags and date and time range.

  1. Widget title: Name of the widget.
  2. Location: Displays all sites.
  3. Available tags: Select at least one tag or combination of tags. The first discovered data point with this tag provides data for analysis.
  4. Tags selected: Define a name for each selected tag with Threshold values, Chart type and Y- Axis.
  5. Preview: Displays a preview of the data for the selected period.

In the Overview widget editor (Step 2), you can edit the location and KPIs of the widget.

  1. Location: Select multiple locations to be displayed in the overview widget.
  2. Preview: Displays a preview of the data with KPIs.

The Global filter is not applicable for the overview widget.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): You can edit the KPIs as per your requirements. For example, KPIs are set for the values 10 and 30 as shown below.

Color code of the KPIs:

  • Green: The value is more than 30.
  • Orange: The value is in between 10 to 30.
  • Red: The value is less than 10.