The Dashboard displays the visualization of widgets. You can create, edit, filter and delete widgets.

A maximum of 20 widgets can be created for each dashboard.

  1. List of dashboards: Displays all available dashboards.
  2. Date and time range: Displays the date and time range for which the data is displayed.
  3. Location: Displays the location for which the data is displayed.
  4. Widgets: Displays the widgets with performance analysis for the selected location and period.
  5. Edit: Switches to the editing mode to add more widgets or edit existing widgets.

Date and time range

  1. Reference point: The date selected here is used as reference point for the range defined below. Choose Now to display a dynamic range or set a definitive date to display a fixed range.
  2. Range: Select a Duration or specify a Date. If Duration is selected, different options are available to calculate a range in relation to the Reference point.
  3. Preview: Displays a preview of the selected date range.
  4. Pre-defined time period: Select a pre-defined time period from the list to display data according to the selection.

Dashboard editor

  1. Create widget: Opens the editor to create a new widget. This button is only visible after switching to editing mode.
  2. Edit: Switches to the editing mode for the selected widget.
  3. Delete: Deletes the widget.
  4. Cancel: Exits the dashboard editing mode.
  5. Save: Saves the changes.