The fume hood control box safely and precisely controls volume flow from fume hoods with fast-running actuators. The devices meet the requirements for fume hoods per EN 14175.


The controller is supplied with a proven, preconfigured fume hood application. It can also be configured and programmed for project-specific functions using the ABT Site and ABT Pro engineering tools.

The present operating values are provided or preset over BACnet and can be simply integrated in the superposed building automation and control system. In addition, the controller has a web server for data point testing and servicing and can display and operate all values in the management station.

Pressure sensor

A static pressure sensor is integrated to measure volume flow. The sensor has an automatic zero-point calibration. Age-dependent movement of the zero point is compensated. Static pressure sensors offer the advantage that extract air does not flow through them, thus avoiding soiling.

Operator units and sensors

Various operator units and sensors, compliant per EN 14175, can be connected to the control box:

  • Operator units QMX3.P88 and QMX.P87 display system information.
  • Cable sash sensors DXA.B130 or DXA.B200 measure the opening of the fume hood sash.
  • Flow sensor QVE3001 provides accurate and long-term stable recording of face velocity.
  • Stabilizing jet including monitoring
  • Presence detector
  • Other devices

Desigo room automation

  • Desigo room automation offers the highest degree of flexibility for energy-optimized solutions while also meeting required room pressure, ventilation, and comfort with the help of standard tools and established workflows.
  • Each fume hood controller is assigned to a room segment and can be combined to form a room together with room pressure control and balancing in the online system without reconfiguring or reprogramming the system.
  • The applications operate autonomously or are distributed over multiple automation stations.