Power supply

Operating voltage

DC 3 V (1 x CR2032 lithium coin battery)

Battery life

Up to 2 years

Radio parameters

Frequency band

2.4…2.4835 GHz

Maximum radio-frequency power

< 10 dBm (antenna gain is 0...2, depending on models)

Communication standard

Based on Zigbee

MAC protocol

IEEE 802.15.4

Communication range*

30 m (indoor)

Zigbee channels


Pairing method with GTW100ZB

Global Link Key

* The range depends largely on building structure and indoor environment.

Ambient conditions and protection classification

Degree of pollution


Overvoltage category


Protection against electrical shock as per EN 60730-1

Protection class III

Degree of protection of housing as per EN 60529

IP68 (max. 1.5 m in depth, up to 30 minutes)

Climatic ambient conditions

Operation (in dry locations having no temperature or humidity control)

Temperature: 0...50 °C

Ambient humidity: 5...95 % r.h. (Non condensing)

Transport and storage (in packaging)

Temperature: -25...+70 °C

Ambient humidity: 5...95 % r.h. (Non condensing)

Operation altitude

Max. 3,000 m above sea level

Standards, directives and approvals

Electromagnetic compatibility

For residential and commercial environments

EU conformity (CE)

See EU declaration of conformity A5W00705027A*

UK conformity (UKCA)

See UK declaration of conformity A5W00705028A*

Environmental compatibility

The product environmental declaration A5W00670144A* contains data on environmentally compatible product design and assessments (RoHS compliance, materials composition, packaging, environmental benefit, disposal).

* The documents can be downloaded from www.siemens.com/bt/download.



See "Dimensions"




Water leakage detector

Sensitive range

< 14M ohm

Buzzer alarm

> 60 dBA @ 0.3 m

Firmware upgrade

Via the mobile application

Weight (net)

26 g

Weight (with box, user document and accessory)

72.5 g