Comfort button inactive configuration ()

  • Room operating mode assigned to manual OFF command from Comfort button (manual operation of presence button only).
    • 1:Auto (use value from central scheduler (Release Prio 13)
    • 2:Economy
    • 3:Pre-Comfort
  • Example:
    • Comfort button = inactive = [Room operating mode = Set value of “Comfort button inactive configuration”]
    • Comfort button = active = [Room operating mode = Comfort]

Time for comfort button

  • Time period for manual ON command (presence button and temporary Comfort), as triggered by the Comfort button.
  • When the time period has expired, the value from the scheduler is activated (Release Prio 13).
  • 0 = timer is inactive.

Manual operation lock configuration

During the indicated centrally scheduled room operating modes, manual HVAC operation is locked, in other words, comfort cannot be increased / energy efficiency is maintained.

  • 1:None
  • 2:Protection
  • 3:Protection / Economy
  • 4:Protection / Economy / Pre-Comfort


Expect behavior: Room operating mode switch between Comfort and the mode defined by central operator. Comfort button will not release to the inactive status automatically . To release to the inactive status, users need to manually switch the room operating mode via the comfort button (). The corresponding parameter settings are shown below:

  • Comfort button inactive configuration () = Auto
    • Central operator defines the room operating mode on inactive status of comfort button by central command on priority 15. For example, set room operating mode = Economy on priority 15, under this setting:
    • If comfort button = inactive, room operating mode = Economy.
    • If comfort button = active, room operating mode = Comfort.
  • Time for comfort button = 0 s
  • Comfort button will not release to the inactive status automatically, comfort button status only can be switched by button push action on room unit.
  • Manual operation lock configuration = 2:Protection
    • Room unit is locked on protection mode
    • Room unit is operatable on Economy\Pre-Comfort\Comfort mode.