The application function "VAV room temperature control for heating 11" (VavTRCtlH11) is the hub for the sequencing of the room temperature controllers for VAV heating. It determines the room heating setpoint and the room heating demand signals to maintain the room temperature at the heating setpoint.

Setpoints in heating mode for each room operating mode

  • Heating setpoint for comfort
  • Delta heating setpoint for pre-comfort (delta between comfort and pre-comfort setpoints)
  • Heating setpoint for economy
  • Heating setpoint for protection

Optional setting 1#: VAV operation

This setting decides whether or not coil valve position is influenced by air flow volume.

Note: This is not used to set typical Fan Powered Box series\parallel type. Typical series\parallel type is set in application function Fan.

Optional setting 2#: Sequence order

DXR1 controls heating equipment following the defined sequence order in application, when the 1st equipment is reached the maximum heating capacity and cannot provide heating capacity to room, then 2nd heating equipment starts to provide heating capacity to room.

  • For energy saving purpose, the default order is “Floor heating > Radiator > Heated ceiling > Heating coil > VAV”.
  • If one equipment in the order list is not installed, it will be skipped in control loop. “Skip” is an automatic behavior in DXR1’s application. No additional setting is required.
  • See the above figure in Optional setting 1# for exact behavior.