The room concept is fundamental in Plug and play automation as it improves the efficiency of the cloud-based control functions. Plug and play automation allows independent temperature control of a given room in a building when defined as a room in the cloud app. Different rooms must have separate fan coil units and thermostats.

The temperature control in individual rooms is based on a specific set demand. The system only controls a room at the comfort temperature in response to this demand. Division of building areas into rooms allows dedicated heating or cooling schedules to minimize energy waste while maintaining comfort levels.

Room temperature control is based on three basic principles to reduce the total energy cost:

  • Reducing the total area being heated or cooled by dividing it into smaller purposeful areas
  • Heating or cooling a given area more efficiently by reducing the duration
  • Using equipment with higher efficiency

The room concept in Plug and play automation extends the cloud management functions and continuous energy monitoring, with advantages such as compensation for control deviation.