Siemens Plug and play automation solution is a platform for remote administration of a building’s automation and control system, combining modern measurement and automation technology for improved performance in terms of power consumption, time of day and indoor comfort.


Equipment for measurement and control includes an Edge device, Modbus thermostats, heating and cooling meters via M-Bus and electric meters via Modbus.

The key features of Plug and play automation include:

  • Fan coil unit control with Modbus thermostats for 2- and 4-pipe fan coils
  • Cloud-based dashboard for energy consumption tracking and control
  • Individual room control for demand-driven heating and cooling
  • Integration of existing and new meters for electricity, heating and cooling
  • Plug & play commissioning and workflows for remote planning, intuitive on-site installation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Energy savings of up to 30% (end-to-end heating and cooling control)
  • Advanced room definition and scheduling