On-event addressing is a rapid configuration approach working together with Siemens ClimatixTM controllers.

The sensor is wired and connected to the Climatix TM controller via Modbus.

Enter addressing mode and configuration workflow via push button

Press the push button for



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1…5 s

Constant red

Press and hold the button


5…10 s

LED off

Release the button

Entering the addressing mode, LED is constant orange.

  • Address is set to 246 temporarily.
  • Baud rate is set to Auto and then auto baud rate recognition is done.
  • Format is set to 1-8-E-1 temporarily.

Communication is established.

  • Master writes the Modbus parameters. 1)
  • Master writes “1” into register 4x0768 ("Bus configuration. command”) to activate the change.

After a successful pairing, the LED flashes green (1 s on / 5 s off). Otherwise the LED turns back to its original state.

  • Time out after 30 s 2)

< 10 min

Constant orange in addressing mode

Press once and release the button

If the LED is constant orange, a short press of the push button stops and exits the on-event addressing mode.

After exiting addressing mode, the LED turns back to its original state.


1) The master cannot change the Modbus address (register 764) to 246.

2) The interval between every configuration command for register 764…768 from ClimatixTM is not more than 30 s. If it exceeds 30 s, the addressing mode ends automatically.

3) 10-minute countdown starts from entering addressing mode.