Location (Environment)

The Connect Box can be snapped onto standard DIN rails or screwed onto the wall. Use included plug-in screw terminals to connect power and interfaces.

Do not install in environments

  • with excessive moisture, corrosive fumes, or explosive vapors,
  • exposed to vibration or shock,
  • subject to electrical interference (near large electrical contractors, electrical machinery, welding equipment, etc.).
  • If mounted in a control cabinet, the cabinet must maintain the specified operating temperature range (allowing for 24 watts of heat dissipation by the controller).
  • Do not install outdoors.

EN 60730-1 Power supply considerations

  • Electrical safety in building automation and control (BAC) systems relies primarily on the use of extra-low voltage, strictly separated from the mains voltage (SELV or PELV, according to EN 60730-1).
  • Protect against electric shock:
    • Limit voltage (low voltage supply DC 24V ±10%, SELV or PELV).
    • Separate SELV installation from all circuits other than SELV and PELV.
    • Separate SELV system from other SELV systems, PELV systems, and ground.
  • Connect field devices such as sensors, state contacts, or actuators to the low voltage inputs and outputs of the I/O modules as per SELV or PELV requirements. Interfaces to field devices and other systems must also comply with SELV or PELV requirements.
  • Install a safety transformer or converter designed for continuous operation to power SELV or PELV circuits if supplied by mains voltage.

Provided material

  • Connect Box
  • GSM standard antenna
  • LoRaWAN standard antenna
  • Info card

Additional material and optional hardware (not provided)

A DC 24 V power supply is required, see Connect Box Data sheet, https://siemens.com/bt/download → ID: A6V13605540, for details.

Additional on-boarding material

Consult the on-boarding material and videos at https://www.siemens.com/connectbox/training for detailed instructions to configure and set up Connect Box using the user web interface.



All hardware products leverage an integrated 4G for remote activation, firmware updates, configuration and troubleshooting. The SIM card is pre-mounted in all hardware types and compatible in all supported regions, the GSM/4G plan is part of all software license types and does not need to be purchased separately.


Connect Box hardware requires a license to activate and configure the device. Cloud and On-premise licenses cannot be combined for same device. Please consult Connect Box Product and Service Data Sheet https://siemens.com/bt/download → ID: A6V13605416, for details on license types and purchase instructions. Account, organization, device, user and file management are available at https://connectbox.siemens.com after activation for all license types.

Access the user interface and pair Connect Box

  • Alongside the access credentials, each customer receives a dedicated space in the user web interface at https://connectbox.siemens.com to pair, activate and configures assigned devices.
  • Access credentials to the user web interface are send via e-mail during the ordering process. Please check the mail inbox of organization administrator that was given during ordering and license registration process.
  • The Connect Box device needs to be paired to a registered license and activated as instructed below before it can be installed and configured. Siemens or partner may pair the licenses as part of the ordering process on behalf of the end customer while preparing the device for activation as described below.
  • Please see Connect Box Organization and User Management, https://siemens.com/bt/download → ID: A6V13741097, for details on user administration and creation, creating and managing organizations and possible restrictions.
  • Troubleshooting: If it is not possible to activate the device or the device does not show up in the web interface, request the organization's administrator to grant minimum "installation" permissions in order to activate the device. In case of doubt, contact Customer Support for additional guidance.


Connect Box pairing to license in user web interface

  1. Log in by entering your email address and password, and click Log in.
  1. Click on the notification link on the top to jump directly to unpaired devices, or navigate to the individual device via the Organization tab on the left.
  1. Review the assigned license and pair with the Device ID (the unique alphanumeric device identifier of the hardware) printed on the device label as indicated in the screen instructions.


Connect Box activation in user web interface

  1. To log in, enter your email and password and click Log in.
  1. In the search field on top, enter the device ID to filter and search for it.
  1. Click Activate.
  1. In the Name field, enter a device name (for example, the name of the site where the device is installed).
  1. Add additional information in the Description field to further identify the device (for example, the floor or exact location where the device is installed if there are several devices at the same site or building).
  1. Click Activate Box.
  • You can now connect and configure devices online as per the assigned license.