Supported LoRaWAN frequencies for available Connect Box hardware types are listed in the Hardware Data sheet (ID: A6V13605540).

  1. Install the Connect Box in a central location, capable of receiving data from all LoRaWAN equipment installed in the building as per datasheet instructions.
  1. Use the original antenna on the Connect Box and other LoRaWAN devices when the signal reception is strong enough.
  • To check LoRa signal strength:
    - Use a network tester (e.g. Adeunis ARF8123AA)
    - You can verify signal strength online in the user web interface once the LoRaWAN device has been added and configured in the configure tab
    - The table below can be used in both cases to estimate the signal strength
  1. If the signal is too weak: Move the original antenna out of the cabinet; use an RF extension cable with SMA connector (max. 2 meters) + 1 adhesive support to mount the antenna.
  1. If the signal is still too weak: Install a high-gain antenna with a maximum of 10 meters of cable; this antenna can for example be used outside or in other floors to obtain a better signal quality.
  1. Supported frequencies for available device types are listed in the Connect Box Data sheet (ID: A6V13605540).

Configure the protocol online

  • Change LoRaWAN network frequency at if required. The actually available frequencies are restricted by the hardware type.

Proceed as follows for each LoRaWAN device:

  1. Add the equipment at using the configuration wizard or bulk creation mode by entering the unique PAA EUI, DEV EUI and the Application Key. Choose a unique and meaningful name.
  1. Save and send the configuration to the device.
  1. Power on and activate the equipment: Please refer to the manufacturer’s technical documentation. Please note that different activation mechanisms exist, such as NFC, and that some devices require a specific activation sequence.
  1. Check online that the equipment was detected, and that data is transmitted, for example via the live data tab.