• An additional Ethernet cable is required
  1. Connect the cable to Ethernet port ETH1 or ETH2.
  1. Connect the device to the same switch (IP network) as the monitoring PC/BAC system server.
  1. Ensure that either LED ETH1 or ETH2 is on.

Configuring the Connect Box network online

  1. If DHCP is not used or available in the network, manually assign a static IP address, network mask and gateway to the selected ETH port at https://connectbox.siemens.com.
  1. The address is assigned automatically if the network uses a DHCP server, consult with the Owner / Building IT manager if required before plugging in the Ethernet cable and configuration at https://connectbox.siemens.com.

Configure the protocols online

  1. Devices communicating over Modbus TCP:
  • Export available properties from the BAC system for a list of data types provided by the different devices.
  • If the information cannot be retrieved from the BAC system, note the IP address and TCP port (server address, brand and model of the equipment, and any additional information as applicable). The information is required to configure installation and retrieve data at https://connectbox.siemens.com.
  1. Devices communicating over BACnet IP network:
  • Important: The Connect Box can either receive data from the network as a BACnet client or send it to the network using the BACnet IP Gateway. Parallel operation is not supported.