The optional hardware depends on the connection type.

  • Bus connection cable: 2 wires, 24 AWG, minimum section: 0.22 mm2 + braided
  • Power supply cable: 2 wires (red, black), 22 AWG or 0.35 mm2
  • Ethernet cables
  • Ethernet switch
  • Echelon U60 FT DIN USB Gateway (for LON FT10)
  • Double-sided high performance adhesive tape
  • LoRaWAN network tester (e.g. Adeunis ARF8123AA)
  • High-gain external GSM antenna (e.g. Siretta Oscar 40)
  • High-gain external LoRaWAN antenna (e.g. EAD WMO86916)
  • Equipment technical documentation
  • IoT sensors technical documentation
  • Diagram of the BAC system network(s)

Siemens does not provide optional hardware and additional material.