“Connect Box” radically lowers the effort, investment, and complexity of integrating devices to a common system and retrofitting additional functionality to optimize the building.

  • Plug-and-play installation by installers such as electricians
  • Supplied library of over 500 field devices ready to connect
  • Smart converter of 11 communication protocols, both standard and proprietary, wired and wireless
  • Default data retrieval at 10-minutes intervals (excluding IoT-sensors that have intervals designed to minimize battery consumption). Commands (downlink) are sent instantly.
  • Local or cloud connectivity via 4G, IP, field bus
  • Over-the-air updates via 4G
  • Local IoT private network based on LoRa
  • Powerful integration of third-party applications
  • No networking skills required thanks to 4G cloud connectivity
  • BACS essentials included online at connectbox.siemens.com
  • Public API management and documentation


The offering consists of a hardware component, the Connect Box, and a software component, either the cloud license or the on-premise license. The appropriate software component is selected based on customer use case. Both versions use the IoT Platform in the backend and have an online user interface to activate, manage and configure the device.



The Connect Box cloud license can send data either by API Restful or MQTT (connection with LAN or 4G, SIM card is provided and pre-mounted), or convert it locally to BACnet IP or Modbus IP. Configuration, pairing, and property selection are performed remotely on our web platform. Functionality such as graphs, alarms, trends and dashboards are included in the box license. The 4G SIM card subscription is also included in the license.

The Connect Box on-premise license can send data to a server by MQTT (default connection via IP / LAN) or convert to BACnet IP or Modbus IP. Configuration, pairing, and property selection can be performed remotely on our web platform thanks to a provided 4G SIM card (used only for configuration). Remote management and configuration is offered for the first 3 years, but can also be configured remotely without additional cost via a LAN connection.