• The devices are suitable for drywall mounting, conduit box mounting and surface mounting.
  • Recommended height: 1.5 m (4 feet) above the floor. If the recommended height cannot be met, it should not be lower than 0.9 m (3 feet).
  • Do not mount the devices in recesses, shelves, behind curtains or doors, or above or near heat sources.
  • Avoid direct solar radiation and drafts.
  • Avoid unheated (uncooled) building area such as outside walls.
  • Seal the conduit box or the installation tube if any, as air currents can affect sensor readings.
  • Adhere to allowed ambient conditions.
  • Devices should be mounted at least 5 m (16 feet) away from operable windows, air filters, and fresh air diffusers.
  • In areas where this is impossible, center your device between windows and place your monitor closer to air return than air diffusers.