The thermostat should be located where the room temperature can be acquired as accurately as possible, without getting adversely affected by direct solar radiation or other heat or refrigeration sources.

Mounting height is about 1.5 m above the floor.

The thermostat can be fitted to most commercially available recessed conduit boxes or directly on the wall.

Mounting and maintenance

Only authorized personnel may open the unit to perform service. The unit must be isolated from the mains supply before opening.

When installing the unit, fix the base plate first, then hook on the thermostat body and make the electrical connections. Then, fit the cover and secure it (also refer to separate mounting instructions).

The thermostat must be mounted on a flat wall.

The local electrical regulations must be complied with.

If there are thermostatic radiator valves in the reference room, set them to their fully open position.

Warning of using power

No internal line protection for supply lines to external consumers (Y)

Risk of fire and injury due to short-circuits!

Adapt the line diameters as per local regulations to the rated value of the installed overcurrent protection device.