1. Plug the USB-C end of your power cord into the port on the back of the surface mount and fit the cord into the well that extends from the USB-C port to the bottom edge of the surface mount.
  1. For LoRaWAN data connectivity, screw the LoRa Gateway Antenna onto the top of the surface mount as follows.
  1. Fold your two pairs of command strips in half so that the Velcro sides lock together and the sticker sides face outwards. Peel off the tape on one side of each command strip pair.
  1. Attach the sticky side of your command strip pairs to the back of the surface mount as follows.
  1. Once you have a mounting location, peel the stickers off from the remaining two command strips attached to the back of your surface mount.
  1. Use a level to straighten your surface mount and press firmly into the wall to secure the command strips in place.