• Additional tools for drywall installation
    • Drywall cutting tool
    • Mallet
    • Power drill with 2 mm drill bit
    • Pencil
    • Level
    • Tape measure
  • Check the package to ensure that it includes all inbox items
  1. Locate the metal mounting plate provided in the In-wall mount kit. Hold the mounting plate on the wall where you intend to mount your device and use it as a stencil. With a pencil, mark the location of the four ā€œEā€ screw holes and trace along the inside edge of the 43 mm by 55 mm rectangular cut out.
  1. Create an incision along the penciled line using your drywall cutting tool. The mount requires 2 inches of clearance behind the incision to install it.
  1. Use a power drill and 2 mm drill bit to create four holes at the marked screw hole locations.
  1. Gently hammer the drywall anchors into the holes with your mallet.
  1. Line up the mounting plate with your drywall anchors and mount it to the wall using the provided drywall screws.
  1. Place the mounting plate cover over the mounting plate.