For technical data, see Data sheet.

For configuration, see Commissioning.



Sensor module

  • QNA2600D

Surface mount

  • BACnet: Surface mount
  • LoRaWAN: Surface mount, antenna
  • Set of screws and plastic insert

In-wall mount

  • Multi-sensor backpack, conduit box cover, mounting plate
  • Set of screws and plastic insert
  1. Commission and setup the device prior to mounting.
  1. To power on the sensor module, connect it to a surface mount powered by USB type C, PoE, or AC/DC 24 V.

Select data mode

  • With the inside (concave surface) facing you ensure that the mode selection switch points to 1 (LoRaWAN).

For configuration of BACnet, see Commissioning.

Preparing data connection

Set up your LoRaWAN gateway router prior to installation and on-boarding if LoRaWAN is used

  • Unpack the contents of your surface mount kit and In-wall mount kit. If you plan to use LoRaWAN for data connectivity, locate the LoRa gateway antenna provided in the surface mount kit and screw it onto the top of the surface mount.

Mounting location

  • Devices should be mounted 3...6 feet from the floor (90 cm to 1.8 m high) and at least 16 feet (5 m) away from operable windows, air filters, and fresh air diffusers.
  • In areas where this is impossible, center your device between windows and place your monitor closer to air return than air diffusers.