• Selection of VRF mode (P01)
    • AUTO, HEAT, COOL, FAN and Dehumidification
  • Operating mode selection via button or parameter (P02)
    • ON, ECO and OFF
  • Selection of temperature unit in °C or °F (P04)
  • Calibration for built-in temperature sensor (P05)
  • Display selection (P06)
    a) Built-in sensor
    b) VRF indoor unit
    c) Setpoint
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of room temperature setpoint (P09, P10)
  • Key lock function: Lock and unlock (P14)
  • FAU fan type selection (P54)
    • 1-speed, 2-speed, 3-speed or ECM fan (DC 0...10 V)

Advanced functions

Optional: Enable / disable via parameters:

  • FAU: Enable selection of internal and external air circulations (P25)
  • Select fresh air flow control via FAU ECO mode (P02 = 2, P26)
  • Operating mode after power resumed: Previous mode, ON or OFF (P27)
  • Enable delay-off timer: up to 23 hours (P28)
  • Setting max. fan speed for VRF indoor unit (P53)
  • Set maximum and minimum fan output for ECM fan (P55, P56)
  • Set minimum on-time for fan (P59)
  • Reload factory settings for commissioning and control parameters (P71)
  • Modbus settings (P81, P82, P83)
  • Enable Chinese text display (P98)