• The devices are suitable for wall mounting.
  • Recommended height: 1.5 m above the floor.
  • Do not mount the devices in recesses, shelves, behind curtains or doors, or above or near heat sources.
  • Avoid direct solar radiation and drafts.
  • Avoid unheated (uncooled) building area such as outside walls.
  • Seal the conduit box or the installation tube if any, as air currents can affect sensor readings.
  • Adhere to allowed ambient conditions.


Device damage

Carefully read all wiring diagrams prior to installation to avoid damage to the device caused by incorrect wiring of high or low voltages.


See Mounting Instructions A6V13375623 enclosed with the thermostat.



Wire, protect and earth in compliance with local regulations.

Risk of fire and injury due to short circuits!

  1. Adapt the line diameters as per local regulations to the rated value of the installed overcurrent protection device.
  1. The AC 230 V mains supply line must have an external circuit breaker with a rated current of no more than 10 A.
  1. Use only valve actuators rated for AC 230 V when L and Q11 are connected.
  1. Disconnect from supply before removing front cover.
  1. Do not connect terminal Q12 to either L or N.
  1. Do not use terminal Q12 as AC 230 V power supply.