The setpoint is manually adjusted to a value different from the scheduled value. It disappears after the thermostat receives the next setpoint via schedule, scene, and automation from the mobile application.

Note: If the thermostat does not receive the next scheduled setpoint due to network error, the icon continues to be displayed on screen. The thermostat remains on the temporary setpoint until it receives a new scheduled setpoint after network resumes working.

Demand for heating

Low battery level

Thermostat in OFF mode.

Ready to join the Zigbee network (blinking), or Zigbee network joined (steady ON)

Setpoint is being adjusted.



  • Tap to decrease/increase temperature setpoint.
  • Tap and hold to decrease/increase temperature setpoint continuously until the setpoint limit is reached.
  • Tap and hold both icons at the same time for more than 10 seconds to reset the thermostat to factory settings.
  • After three seconds of inaction, the thermostat returns to the present room temperature. In the mean time, is displayed on screen, showing that the manually-adjusted setpoint overrides the scheduled one.

  • Tap to turn on display or turn on/off mode.
  • Tap and hold for more than five seconds to set the thermostat to joining/rejoining mode.