Secure Connection Between the Connect Software and the Cloud Service

Provides a cloud integration level for connecting securely the Connect Software to the Cloud Service.

System Level Integration Between the Connect Software and the Field Devices

Provides a system integration level serving as the connecting point between the Connect Software and the devices that are connected to the underlying physical machine, such as controllers, sensors, and actuators in the building.

System Level Integration of a Broad range of Devices and Protocols such as BACnet/IP and Modbus/IP (Depending on the Application)

A broad range of devices can be integrated on the system level. Connect Software supports various IP based communication protocols (depending on the edge application) and securely transmits the data to the Cloud Service.

The specific set of functions may vary according to the region, the connected system, or the application. Detailed information about the latest supported functions can be found in the release notes of the installed software.

Software on-the-edge, powered by virtualization technology

The Connect Software runs in the virtual machine on the hypervisor of a given physical machine based on Windows Operating System and supports Ethernet or Wireless connection types.

Remote Web Access

Provides remote access to the local user interface of the Connect Software.

User Management

Provides role-based access control. New users can be invited to access the Cloud Service and given appropriate access rights via user groups. Data can be logically grouped into partitions and given access via user groups.

Device Management

Manages Connected Devices compliant to the Cloud Service.

Data Hosting and Data Usage

Hosts and processes personal and non-personal data in data centers located in Ireland. For information regarding processing of personal data Customer may refer to the Data Processing Terms.