Creating Access Groups

Designing Access Groups

When choosing the factors that will determine group associations, device admin users have two main tools at their disposal: filters and marker tags.

When adding filters, think about how you wish to group users and what makes sense. If you anticipate users will need to work together based on project and site, primarily using the dis == "nameofproject" haystack filter or id==@p:projectName:r:2a9101b6-79d983df for projects and for sites, dis=="siteName”.

As you type in each filter, a list of applicable projects and sites will form on the right-hand side.

  • You are a Device Admin.
  1. Navigate to the organization's main page and select the Access Groups tab.
  1. Select New.
  1. Fill out the “New access group” form with identifying information.
  • Enter the name of the access group.
  • Enter the names of the users who will belong to the group.
  1. Enter filters.
  • Enter which Desigo Optic applications access group members can access.
  • Enter which projects members can access.
  • Enter which sites access group members can access.
  1. Select Ok.
  • Now when an access group member remotely accesses a site, only the data approved for their group will display.

Viewing Access Groups

  • You are a Device Op or a Device Admin
  1. Navigate to the organization's main page.
  1. Select the Access Group tab found under that organization's basic info.
  1. Select the access group you wish to view.
  • You will redirect to the access group's page. There you can view the group's name, ID, members, application access authorization, and filters.

Deleting Access Groups

To delete an access group, go to your organization's main page > Access Groups Tab > Your Access Group. Select the Delete button. The access group will disappear from the system. Former members of the group will no longer be restricted to the sub-set of projects or sites the group had specified. By default, they will be able to see everything. This is why it is best practice to utilize access groups.

Adding Users to Access Groups

A user can belong to multiple access groups. When creating a new user, User Admin will have the opportunity to assign them to an access group. After a User Admin creates a new user, a User Op can add them to a user group by going to the access group’s page and adding them to the “users” field.