The Home tab loads the main dashboard and displays a map that locates all the sites a user can access through their organizations. The site record in Desigo Optic must contain the physical site's latitude and longitude for it to display on the map.

Represents a site's location on the map. Click to open the site pop-up window.

Displays the site name. Click to go view site details.

Dynamic site marker that displays the site's status.

Opens a new tab with remote access to the device. Only users with the Remote Op, Remote Admin, or Remote Super User roles can access devices remotely.

Dynamic site markers

In Desigo Optic 5.1 and later, Remote Ops can change the color of site markers from Desigo Optic using the finCurSiteStatus tag on a site record. finCurSiteStatus is a transient string tag that can have one of the following values:


The site is disabled.
Displays in gray.


The site has a communication or network problem.
Displays in yellow.


The site has a configuration or hardware problem.
Displays in orange.


The site is in alarm.
Displays in red.


The default state of the site has been overridden.
Displays in purple.


The site is not yet commissioned.
Displays in pink.


The site requires maintenance.
Displays in blue.


Default status of the site. The site has no problems.
Displays in green.


The current state of the site is unknown.
Displays in white.