Click on a site to view its details.

Only users with the Device Admin role can delete site data in Edge2Cloud.

  • Deleting a site from Edge2Cloud does not delete it on Desigo Optic.
  • If the site remains in the list after the device has been synchronized, it has not been deleted from Edge2Cloud.

Refresh the site's details.

Access the site remotely. Only users with the Remote Op, Remote Admin, and Remote Super User roles can access sites remotely.

Commands Desigo Optic to synchronize with Edge2Cloud.

  • Only users with the Remote Admin or Remote Super User role can manually synchronize Desigo Optic and Edge2Cloud.
  • Synchronization happens automatically, so users do not have to manually sync projects.

Click the arrow to display a list of tags cached in Edge2Cloud. Tags originate from the site record in the Desigo Optic database.

Displays a summary of totals of various record types for the project in Desigo Optic. Totals are calculated when a device synchronizes with Edge2Cloud.

Displays a live view of information for the project. The live view refreshes every 30 seconds.
NOTE: Only users with the Remote Op role can view the Remote Summary.