Open the Cloud app in Desigo Optic to view and configure Edge2Cloud. A Desigo Optic user must have super user permissions to view and configure the Cloud app. After Desigo Optic has been registered with Edge2Cloud, all projects and sites will be synchronized. Instances of Desigo Optic only need to be registered once with Edge2Cloud.


Displays the current Edge2Cloud status.

  • Connected. Desigo Optic is connected to Edge2Cloud.
  • Disconnected. Desigo Optic is disconnected from Edge2Cloud.
    NOTE: Desigo Optic will automatically reconnect to Edge2Cloud when a connection has been re-established.
  • Deleted. Desigo Optic has been deleted from Edge2Cloud.
  • Maintenance out of date. Desigo Optic's maintenance is out of date and requires renewal before it can connect to Edge2Cloud services.

Edge2Cloud Portal

Click to redirect to the Edge2Cloud portal.

Register with Edge2Cloud

Click to register Desigo Optic with Edge2 Cloud.
Displays the current registration status.

  • Registered. Desigo Optic is registered with Edge2Cloud.
  • Unregistered. Desigo Optic is not registered with Edge2Cloud. To connect with Edge2Cloud, register this instance of Desigo Optic with an existing organization.

Register QR Code

Click to get a QR code that Device Managers can use to register Desigo Optic with Edge2Cloud. Use this option to register Desigo Optic without an internet connection.

Sync Device

Desigo Optic will automatically synchronize information with Edge2Cloud. All project and site records synchronize every two minutes.


Displays diagnostic information about Edge2Cloud.