This is a general guide for using Edge2Cloud with Desigo Optic.

Edge2Cloud enables administrators to manage projects easily, providing a clear view of an organization, along with its associated users and devices. Inbuilt multi-authentication and fine permissions control facilitate strong security practices—your data is safe with us. This user guide provides Desigo Optic users with the basics on how to access Edge2Cloud, onboard users, and license devices. Edge2Cloud defines and manages assets and entities under the following categories:

  • Organizations--an organization represents a company in Edge2Cloud. An organization has users and devices assigned to it. An organization manages all devices registered to it. Additionally, it creates and tracks licenses for users.
  • Users--a user represents a member of one or more organizations, with their own unique email address and phone number. Within that organization, a member can remotely access registered devices.
  • Devices--in Edge2Cloud, each device represents an instance of a FIN install. Devices contain projects.
  • Projects—a project represents a collection of related data and assets in FIN. Projects contain sites.
  • Sites--a site represents a building. Sites contain floors.
  • Floors--a floor represents a single story of the building.


NOTE: Edge2Cloud is not suitable for kiosk-style applications that require a user to remain logged into Desigo Optic indefinitely.