The MFI is a multifunction interface module that can serve as a card reader, interface, input or output module. The MFI is connected by standard RS485 cabling that enables a low cost solution for extending your onsite access control.

  • Configuration > Edge controllers is displayed.
  1. Select a controller from the list.
  1. In the MFI 1 tab, click Edit. You have the following parameter:
  • Serial number: It displays the serial number of the MFI device.
  • Status: It displays the current status of the MFI device. A green checkmark indicates that the device is online, while a red exclamation mark shows that it's offline. The status Unknown means that the status of controller is offline.
  1. In the Door (Inactive) section, perform the following steps:
  • Name: Enter a name of the door.
  • Card reader: Enter a name of the card reader. Repeat this step for the second card reader of the door, if used.
  • REX button (IN #): If enabled, the passback button can be connected to the corresponding input.
  • Door contact (IN #): If enabled, the door status (e.g. door held, doors forced or door closed) is activated if the door contact is connected to the corresponding input.
  • Upon entering data, the section heading changes, indicating that the door is now active.
  1. Repeat the previous step for any additional door.
  1. If there are multiple MFIs, repeat the previous step in the MFI 2 tab.
  1. Click Save.
  1. To discard and not save your changes, click Cancel.
  • Once the configuration is complete, a door entry for each card reader configured is automatically created and appears under Configuration > Doors.
  • All configuration changes are logged under Operation > Activities.