The feature “Edge controller” is not released yet. The Edge controller functionality is currently available in a beta version.

Edge controllers are devices used to provide physical access to various entry points, such as doors. Their primary function is to physically control the mechanism of door locks on those doors. Edge controllers are directly connected to the Building X cloud infrastructure as a device. Each edge controller supports up to a maximum of 10 doors if connected with 2 multifunction interfaces (MFIs) (2 doors on the edge controller and 4 doors per MFI).

When considering the ACC-AP controller, it acts as a head that communicates directly with Security Manager, while the two MFIs communicate directly with ACC-AP via a local RS484 connection.

To configure edge controllers in Security Manager, the following prerequisites are required:

  • The edge controller is configured for the cloud communication. For more information refer to: Building X ACC-AP Quick Start Guide.
  • The cloud activation key is added and validated for the edge controller configuration within the Building X Devices application. For more information refer to: Adding devices in Building X Devices Online Help.

Once the prerequisites are fulfilled, further configuration steps within Security Manager are required: