• One or more users are configured in Azure AD.
  1. Sign in to the Azure Active Directory portal using your AD account.
  1. Click Azure Active Directory > Users.
  • The users are displayed in the list view along with the total count of records at the top of the list view.
  1. Select the user that you want to delete.
  1. You have the following options to delete the users:
  • Right-click the user.
  • Click the Delete button and OK in the confirmation dialog box.
  • Click to open the selected user.
  • Click the Delete button on top of the user profile and Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
  • The user is deleted in the Enterprise application.
  • The user is deleted from the target system once the synchronization cycle is completed.
  • Deleted user is disabled in the target system and added to the Deleted users (preview).
  1. To delete the users permanently, follow the steps below:
  • Click Azure Active Directory > Users > Deleted users (preview).
  • Select the users that you want to delete permanently.
  • Click Delete permanently.
  • The users are deleted permanently.

Deleted users are automatically removed from the system after a retention period of 30 days.

Deleted users can be restored from the Deleted users (preview) and enabled in the target system.