• Users are created in Azure AD. For more information refer to: Creating Users.
  1. Sign in to the Azure Active Directory portal using your AD account.
  1. Click Azure Active Directory > Groups > New Group.
  1. Retain the default selection in the Group type field as Security.
  1. Enter a group name in the Group name field.
  1. Enter a group description in the Group description field (optional).
  1. Retain the default selection in the Membership type field as Assigned (optional).
  1. In the Members section, proceed as follows:
  • Click the default selection No members selected to open the Add members screen.
  • Select the required member and click Select. You can select multiple members.
  • The total number of members selected displays in the Members field.
  1. Click Create.
  • The created group displays under the Groups | All Groups list.
  • The created group in the directory or enterprise application is added to the application once the synchronization cycle completes.

On-demand provisioning for groups is not supported.