• Groups are created in Azure AD. For more information, refer to: Creating Groups.
  1. Sign in to the Azure Active Directory portal using your AD account.

Azure is completely managed by customers' and the credentials are provided by the Azure administrator in customers side.

  1. Click Azure Active Directory > Users > New User.
  1. Choose the Create user option.
  1. In the Identity section, proceed as follows:
  • Enter the user name. By default, the domain name displays as [tenantname].onmicrosoft.com
  • Enter the name of the user.
  • Enter the first name (optional).
  • Enter the last name (optional).
  1. In the Groups and roles section, proceed as follows (optional):
  • Click the default selection 0 groups selected to open the Groups screen.
  • Select the required group and click Select. You can select multiple groups.
  • The total number of groups selected displays in the Groups field.
  • Click the default selection User to open the Directory roles screen.
  • Select the role and click Select. You can select multiple roles.
  • The selected roles display in the Roles field.
  1. In the Settings section, proceed as follows (optional):
  • Retain the default selection No for Block sign in field.
  • Select the Usage location from the drop-down list.
  1. In the Job info section, proceed as follows (optional):
  • Enter the job title of the user.
  • Enter the department.
  • Enter the company name.
  • Retain the default selection No Manager Selected.
  1. Click Create.
  • The user is created and displayed under the Users | All Users list.
  1. After creating the user, select the user and click Edit.
  1. In the Contact Information section, enter the email of the user.
  • The created user in the directory or enterprise application is added to the application once the synchronization cycle completes.

The created user can be provisioned on-demand. For more information refer to: Provisioning Users On-Demand