1. In the left navigation pane, select Self Services > Requests.
  1. Under All My Requests click Add to submit an access request.
  1. In the Detailed Explanation field, add a description with the reason of your request.
  1. Click Assign Privilege.
  • The Assign Privilege dialog box opens.
  1. Select a privilege. NOTICE! Use the Search field to search for a particular access privilege.
  1. Mark the permanent checkbox to have a unlimited access.
  • Or…
  1. Select date and time during which the access is required in the Valid from and Valid to fields.
  1. Click Assign.
  1. Click Save.
  • Your request is submitted and displayed in the Requests list.
Submitted requests cannot be changed

Once a request has been submitted, it can no longer be changed. In case you made a mistake in the settings, you need to cancel your request (see Canceling Requests) and place a new one.