Under Requests, users (for example new employees) can submit access requests, thereby initiating an approval workflow.

The Approval Workflow

A person requires access to a specific area within his company. In Requests, he chooses the required access privilege and the time period during which he requires access.

The approver(s) can either approve or reject the request.

Requests and Tasks

The Requests offers the following options, depending on the user role:

  • As the requester (Self-Service User role) you can submit and manage access requests.
  • As the approver (Approver role) you can either approve or reject requests. For more information on each role, see UI Elements and Functionality.

User Interface and Sections

All My Requests

In this pane you find all requests concerning yourself, which have not been approved yet. The requests will be sorted by creation date. If you are the approver, you find here also the requests submitted to you for approval.

You can filter the Requests list. The following filters are available:

  • All: All requests are displayed
  • As Requester: Only requests submitted by you as a requester are displayed
  • As Approver: Only requests submitted to you as an approver are displayed

You can use the search field to search for a particular request.

Basic information

This section provides general information on the selected request, such as request type, status or creation date and time. This information cannot be edited.

Request details

This section provides detailed information on the selected request, such as privilege name, validity period or reason. This information cannot be edited.