1. In the left navigation pane, open Access > Identities.
  1. In the Identities list, select an identity to which you want to assign credentials.
  1. Open the Credentials tab and click Edit.
  • You can assign new credentials, or you can change existing credentials.

Physical Credentials

  1. In the Physical credentials section, click Assign credential.
  • Enter the Card number.
  • If the card should be valid for a certain time interval, enter dates and time in the From and To fields.

By default, the Permanent check box is selected. While the Permanent check box is selected, the To field becomes read-only and displays a message as Permanent.

By default, the Active check box is selected. While the Active check box is selected, the card is activated and the status displays as Active. If you clear the Active check box, the card is deactivated and displays the status as InActive.

  • Click Assign.
  1. To change the validity of an existing credential, click the edit symbol and change the dates.
  • Click Assign to save the changes.
  1. To unassign an existing credential, click the delete symbol.
  • The credential is removed immediately.
  1. Click Save to save your settings.
  • The credential settings are synchronized with the connected access system.
  • The person with the identity, can now enter with the assigned physical card.

Virtual Credentials

  • Above Virtual credentials section, select Virtual credentials checkbox.
  • Virtual credentials appear automatically after the user logs in to the Access Mobile App on a smart phone and everything is configured properly.