To connect your local video client to Security Manager, create a spot monitor name with your login name.

Default spot monitor shows video footage related to incidents selected by any user

If you create a spot monitor for your login name, only this spot monitor shows related video footage of a selected incident. The default spot monitor will not show related video footage of an incident selected by you anymore. The default spot monitor is only meant to be used if no specific spot monitor is created for the logged in user.

  1. Create a spot monitor name with your login and select it in the local video client.
  1. Do not use the default spot monitor.
  • The Video API and Video Agent are installed and connected to Security Manager.
  1. Open the VMS video client and check the connection to Video Control.
  1. If Video Control is not connected, contact your system administrator, otherwise continue.
  1. In the navigation bar, click the drop-down arrow and select Settings.
  1. Click Siemens Video Control.
  1. Make sure, that the Alarm Monitor check box is unmarked.
  1. Click beneath the Monitor Name field.
  1. As monitor name enter your login, for example your e-mail address.
  1. Click Create.
  1. Click Close.
  • The spot monitor name is shown in the UI.
  • If you select an incident with related video footage in the Incidents list, the video is displayed on your personal spot monitor.
Live video streams of one camera might be displayed multiple times on the spot monitor.

If several alarms occur from one camera and all these alarms are assigned to the selected incident, for every alarm the live video stream of this camera will be displayed again on the spot monitor.