SAPRO and SCOPE (SCOPE light) are the previous engineering and commissioning tool of Climatix controllers. Climatix Automation can be installed on the same PC with SAPRO and SCOPE (SCOPE light).

  • Compatibility with SAPRO

A SAPRO project cannot be opened directly in the Climatix Automation tool. Climatix controllers that are programmed using SAPRO still need SAPRO to view and modify the program.

A migration tool is provided for migrating SAPRO projects to Climatix Automation. To allow the migration of a SAPRO project, the SAPRO version needs to be VVS11. An add-on of the SAPRO license dongle, the ‘XML-export’ feature, needs to be available. This add-on will be delivered to the user when an upgrade license purchased. More details can be found in the ‘Licensing’ section.

  • Compatibility with SCOPE (SCOPE light)

After the generated code is downloaded to the Climatix controllers, the SCOPE (SCOPE light) tool can be used exactly as before, for communication mapping, HMI engineering, commissioning, and testing. The rainbow API to Climatix controllers remains unchanged.