The following functions are covered by the base license. For details, please refer to the ‘Licensing’ section.

Multiple standard programming languages

Climatix Automation is a programming tool supporting IEC61131-3 standard languages, including function block diagrams (FBD), structured text (ST), sequence flow charts (SFC), and ladder diagrams (LD). In addition, the tool supports the integration of MATLAB/Simulink programs. For details, please refer to the ‘Add-on Functions’ section.

  • Function block diagram (FBD) programming

The FBD editor supports intuitive graphical programming with over 200 standard function blocks from IEC61131-3. In addition, it provides Climatix libraries of automation objects, function blocks, and applications that ensure fast and efficient programming especially for HVAC equipment automation.


  • Structured text (ST) programming

The ST editor supports line programming according to IEC61131-3 standard. The editor supports content assist, code validation, refactor, history comparison, break point for debugging, display of online value, and much more to facilitate efficient engineering.


  • Sequence flow chart (SFC) and ladder diagram (LD) programming

Sequence flow chart (SFC) and ladder diagram (LD) are two other graphical programming languages that are widely used in the automation industry. Programming is supported by graphical programming editors.


Efficient Engineering

  • Content assist

The content assist function helps the user to quickly enter the logic in the graphical FBD editor or enter code in the ST editor. Position within the program where logic or code are needed, use context menu ‘Content Assist’ or keyboard short cut CTRL + SPACE, a list of all elements that are possible within the current context shows up, including programming syntax, variables, functions and function blocks, etc.

  • Code validation

Instance error indication and code validation function help the user to reduce error, to correct error quickly, and therefore reduce time of rework.

  • Offline simulation and debugging

Being able to run the program in a PC environment without downloading to the controller makes the programming work much easier and more efficient. The current version of Climatix Automation supports offline simulation and break-point debugging of programs based on IEC61131-3 standard functions and function blocks. The offline simulation of functions and function blocks from Climatix libraries is not supported in the current version.

  • Migration

A migration tool is provided to get application content from the previous programming tool SAPRO and rebuild the applications in Climatix Automation environment. The migrated project has the same project structure, program content, as well as layout, as in SAPRO project. However, some changes of the programs need to be made in the migrated project to be compliant with latest IEC-61162-3 programming rules. Retest of migrated project by the user is necessary.


Team Engineering

  • Library and documentation

Library management allows the user to create libraries of functions, function blocks, and data types. The user can also create documentation of the library elements. Then the library can easily be shared in multiple projects. If the library is updated, such as in a bug fix, the projects can get the same update automatically if required. This feature is a great support of development standardization, which is important in team working and quality control.

  • Automatic test framework

The automatic test framework allows the user to define test cases of their application, run the test cases, and get a report of the result automatically. In this way, the quality control becomes standardized, quantified, and much more efficient.

  • GIT integration

GIT is a widely used software development concept. It allows developers to work in branches, track their changes, have version control, and merge with other people's work. It is widely used as a standard way of collaborative work in software development. With Climatix Automation, the user can seamlessly manage and work on projects with a GIT repository.