Ethernet interface


2 x RJ45, shielded

Interface type

10Base-T / 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3 compatible

Bit rate

10/100 Mbps, autosensing


BACnet/IP on UDP/IP or BACnet/SC over WSS/HTTPS (TLS V1.3) on TCP/IPv4

Web UI over HTTP or HTTPS on TCP/IP

Line Topology

Max. 20 devices per switch port(s)

Cabling (in-house cabling only), cable type

10 Mbps: Min. CAT3, shielded cable is recommended
100 Mbps: Min. CAT5, shielded cable is recommended

Cable length

Max. 328 ft (100 m solid, 98 ft (30 m) stranded

WLAN interface

Interface type

Wireless access point

Supported standards

Frequency band

WLAN channels

Maximum radio-frequency power

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

2.4…2.462 GHz


16.4 dBm

Distance (unobstructed field)

16 ft (5 m)

Device pairing

Activation / Deactivation with service button

Automatic switch off after 10 minutes if no WLAN-client is connected.

Optionally, for cybersecurity reasons, the WLAN port can be permanently disabled in DT+ configuration.

Default SSID and WLAN password: Scan the QR code.
It will show something like WIFI:S:PXC4.E16.A_0000550;T:WPA;P:1400052738;;
Then SSID = PXC4.E16_0000550 and password = 1400052738

Determine manually: Use the information from the Date/Series/SN block It will show something like:

Date/Series: YYYYMMDDS0000001
S/N: 140000A12F Hex

SSID = <ASN>_<Running number after the series letter> and password = <S/N>

TX-I/O Bus Interface for TXM Modules

Nominal voltage

DC 24 V

Power supply for TX-I/O modules

Max. 300 mA

Module communication (CD)

DCV Data Signal referenced to CS, short-circuit proof

Module power (CS, )
Sensor power (terminal V on the TXM module)

DC 24 V
Max. 300 mA, short-circuit proof

Communication speed

115200 bps

Field device power (terminal on the TXM module)

AC 24 V, Max. 2A, short-circuit proof

Connector for TX-I/O modules on the side: No protection against faulty wiring with AC 24 V

Use the protective cover provided directly on connector or move to last TX-I/O module

Screw terminals, plug-in

Cu-wire or Cu-strand with wire end sleeve

22 to 14 AWG (1 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 2.5 mm2 )
or 22 to 18 AWG (2 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 1.0 mm2 )

Cu-strand without wire end sleeve

22 to 14 AWG (1 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 2.5 mm2 )
or 22 to 16 AWG (2 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 1.5 mm2 )

Stripping length

0.24...0.29 in (6...7.5 mm)


Slot screws, screwdriver size 1 with shaft ø = 3 mm

Max. tightening torque

0.44 lb ft (0.6 Nm)