A. Create PXC.A

Programming in DT+

  • If upgrading BACnet PXC(s):
  • Import database(s) into DT+
  1. Modify point database if necessary
  1. Modify PPCL using new guidelines - see the Proprietary Program Control Language (PPCL) User Manual (A6V10374898)
  • If NOT replacing a BACnet PXC:
  1. Create and configure PXC.A
  1. Create point database as needed
  1. Create PPCL using new guidelines - see the Proprietary Program Control Language (PPCL) User Manual (A6V10374898)
  1. Create Trends as needed
  • Export from DT+ to ABT Site

B. Export from DT+ to ABT Site

C. Configure in ABT Site

  1. Confirm database has arrived in ABT Site
  2. Create building structure as needed (future use of TRA extension module)
  3. Configure User account(s)
  4. Create Pack and Go (if needed)
  5. Distribute Pack and Go (if needed)

(Optional) Configure BACnet/SC

  • In ABT Site configure all PXC.A devices as needed:
    • Hub, Secondary Hub, Node, BACnet SC to IP routing, MSTP Router, BBMD
  • Generate certificates for PXC.A automation stations, and Desigo CC
  • Load PXC.A automation stations (new settings and Certificates)
  • Export Certs for Desigo CC to PC
  • In Desigo CC import certificates
  • Configure the BACnet driver for the ALN to be BACnet/SC
  • Discover PXC.A automation stations (if needed)
  • Verify that all PXC.A automation stations are communicating
  • Verify that all routed devices are still communicating (if routing is used)
  • Verify that editors work on both PXC.A and IP devices

D. Assign and Load from ABT Site to PXC.A

See ABT Online Help.

E. Modify PXC.A in Web Interface

  1. Log in to the web interface (via WLAN or Ethernet)
  2. Commission automation stations
  3. Point checkout
  4. Confirm Trend collection
  5. Confirm/enable PPCL program in normal way
  6. Edit automation stations
  7. Add/Remove/Change Point(s)
  8. Add/Remove/Change Trend(s)
  9. Add/Remove/Change PPCL Program(s)

F. Modify/Configure PXC.A in Desigo CC

  1. Add PXC.A library and EM
  2. Discover PXC.A automation stations
  3. Verify PXC automation stations
  4. Edit PXC.A automation stations
  5. Backup/ Restore PXC.A automation stations
  6. (Optional) Add TRA EM (if Ethernet DXRs are on the network)

G. Upload from PXC.A to ABT Site

H. View reports and As-Builts in ABT Site

  1. Verify changes made to automation stations in Web Interface and/or Desigo CC

I. Import from ABT Site to DT+

  1. Create as-built drawings as needed.

For more information about migration workflows, see PXC7.A Modular Automation Station Migration (A6V13998441).