Every BACnet TEC has an application number associated with it.

Any DXR device that was engineered with the APOGEE short names has an APPLICATION point set associated with its application number.

In Desigo PXC.A devices, the application number has no relationship to the application number defined at the remote device. Users can specify any number as long as it's unique within the system. It is recommended that you use the same application number that was originally defined in the device for the BACnet FLN device object.

The application number can be engineered at the PXC5/7.A to override what is at the end device, if:

  • The device doesn't have an APPLICATION point in its application.
  • The APPLICATION point was not managed correctly when deploying the DXRs.
  • The technician/installer wanted to re-organize how application numbers are used at the job site.

The system will not verify that the application number entered matches the application number at the end device. The application number should be engineered properly and managed carefully.