Provides access to external TX-I/O field bus objects. By default, the ExternalIBus subordinate-list includes the ExternalIBUS'IOBusMgmt and ExternalIBUS'DiagIOBus objects, along with 120 unused module slots. As TX-I/O modules are added to the bus, the unused module slots are replaced with references to TX-I/O module nodes.


A predefined FieldBusManagement object for the external TX-I/O subsystem.


A predefined Diagnostics object for the external TX-I/O subsystem.


TXIO module[A]

As TXIO modules are added to the device, Device view nodes will be created to organize and collect objects that are assigned to the module address. Each view will have the TX-I/O module at the beginning of the view and will show which objects are assigned on specific I/O addresses.

PeripheralDevice TXIO module[A]

A Peripheral Device Object is defined either at DT or at the web interface. A user defines a Peripheral Device Object of type TX-I/O for each TX-I/O module used.

Object or placeholder

If a TX-I/O module has been allocated to an Object in the PXCx.A, the corresponding TX-I/O module[A] subordinate-list entry will reference the object. If unallocated, it will reference a placeholder 'unassigned' object. Each referenced object will also appear in one of the type-specific object collections.