The table below provides detailed information on the Object collection subordinate objects. The term 'local objects' refers to objects in the local PXC.A automation station. The term 'remote objects' refers to objects in other BACnet devices.

Object Profile: Name


VNObject-DynamicCollection: Analog objects

References to local object profiles:
analog-input, analog-output, analog-process-value, analog-config-value, analog-simple-value, pulse-converter.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Binary objects

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Binary objects References to local object profiles:
binary-input, binary-output, binary-process-value, binary-simple-value, binary-l2sl, binary-l2sp.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Multistate objects

References to local object profiles:
multistate-output-looal, multistate-output-looap, multistate-output-lfssl, multistate-output-lfssp, multistate-value.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Trend log objects

References to local trend-log-simple objects.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Trend View Config objects

References to local trend-view-config objects.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Command objects

References to local command objects.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Event Enrollment objects

References to local event enrollment objects.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Notification Class objects

References to local notification class objects.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Schedule objects

References to local schedule objects.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Application Teams / BACnet profile objects

References to local application teams/BACnet Application profiles.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Modules

References to local modules for TXIO, P1 devices, and BACnet FLN devices.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: P1 fln subpoints

References to all local objects that represent points in P1 devices connected to local FLNs.

VNObject-DynamicCollection: Remote Objects

References to all remote objects referenced in local PXC.A automation station applications. Examples include remote objects used in PPCL programs, scheduled via local schedule objects, etc. The remote objects collection is updated dynamically by firmware at runtime.