PXC.A automation stations can be engineered and configured from the embedded web interface without using tools. This is useful when a single automation station is being installed, during bench testing or when DT+ tool is not accessible.

BBMD and Foreign Device configuration can only be completed using ABT Site or the web interface. See PXC.A Web Interface User Guide (A6V12893115) for more information.


A. Connect the automation station to a power supply

B. Press the SVC button

  • Activates the WLAN (Wi-Fi) service port.

C. Scan the QR code

  • Located in the front lower left corner on the device.
    The QR code provides SSID and password for WLAN (Wi-Fi) service port.

D. Get SSID / password for WLAN (Wi-Fi) and connect

  • SSID = <ASN>_<Running number after the series letter> and password = <S/N>
    NOTE: To determine SSID and WLAN password manually: Use the information from the Date/Series/SN block.
  • Connect your device to the Wi-Fi access point.

E. Access the automation station’s web UI

F. Enter the default login credentials

  • Administrator / OneBT

G. Change the default password

  • For cybersecurity reasons, you are required to change the default password to a strong password on first login.

H. Configure the device

  • Use the Configuration tab in the web UI.

I. Create objects

  • Most object types can be created in the web UI using Templates under Object View.
    NOTE: Desigo CC is required to create Command and Schedule objects.

J. Edit PPCL program

  • Once a PPCL program object has been created from Templates, the program can be edited in the PPCL editor tab.

K. Start device

  • The Device state in the status bar will indicate Loading required.
  • Once you have completed configuration, the Initial startup property of the Device object can be changed from Configuration required to Start immediately.
  • The device will restart automatically.
  • The device state in the status bar will indicate Operational.