Desigo PXC.A BACnet automation stations support Event Enrollment (algorithmic alarming). Event Enrollment (EE) is an extension of intrinsic alarming and uses the event enrollment object in combination with the notification class object. The EE object is entered independently of when a point is defined. During EE definition, the point associated with the EE object is referenced.

BACnet devices supporting event enrollment objects are able to define any number of unique conditions that trigger alarm or event notifications. Event objects can identify their state from moment to moment as one of any number of unique event states. Notifications are triggered by the transition of conditions for an object, typically from one state to another. A transition to an event state can be used to identify specific or unique handling for the notification generated by the object. The main purpose for event enrollment objects is to define an event and provide a connection between the occurrence of the event and the transmission of a notification message to one or more recipients.

Algorithmic alarming features:

  • Ability to monitor and alarm point objects on the local device or other device (off-node) that does not support intrinsic alarming or on devices that do not support algorithmic alarming. NOTICE! It is not recommended to use Event Enrollment for Off-node alarming to another ALN level device as there are issues with remotely monitoring points on the network to give a reliable status.
  • Algorithmic functions: floating limit and out of range for analog points, change of state for just binary and multi-state points, and command failure only support for multistate output points and binary output points.