Desigo PXC.A automation stations support intrinsic alarming. Intrinsic alarming allows a BACnet device to provide one or more event sources, locally, that generate notifications that can be directed to a number of destinations. Desigo PXC.A BACnet standard objects support intrinsic reporting by supporting properties that define the type of event to be generated and options for handling and routing notifications. Internal status changes and alarms can also use intrinsic reporting to generate diagnostic notifications.

Intrinsic alarming features:

  • Easy setup.
  • Alarms can be separated into groups for customized reporting.
  • Multiple reporting devices based on type of alarm.
  • Customized alarm messages with user-defined text.
  • Limit nuisance alarms using Deadband and Time Delay.
  • Separate print enabling for Offnormal, Normal and Fault.
  • Separate time stamp for Offnormal, Normal and Fault.
  • Separate acknowledgement of Offnormal, Normal and Fault.