Trend View is the application used to manage and display trend log data. For detailed information, see the PXC.A Web Interface User Guide. Trend data provides important information about the processes in a building automation and control system, including:

  • Monitoring control for optimization.
  • Recording the room temperature relating to the entered setpoint.
  • Recording the temperature and humidity for the demanding requirements of the Pharma business.

The present values of different BACnet object types can be trended.

Trending is set on the applicable BACnet object. The function is enabled with 'Enable trend' = 'Yes'. An additional object is instantiated that controls actual trending and the required BACnet properties for this object are displayed.

The following trends can be configured and enabled for each room:

  • Trend room temperature
  • Trend room air quality
  • Trend relative room air humidity
  • Trend room operating mode

Trends are not enabled by default. The enable and trend type must be configured for each enabled trend.

Upon completion of startup (reboot), a download, or a BACnet restore sequence, the system will check if there are any trend backups that do not have an active trend in the database and remove those as long as the device object status is Operational.

If the trend log object is removed during a clear application, the backup will not be deleted since the state of the device will go to Download Required and the trend log object could be restored on a subsequent download.

If the trend log object is deleted directly (outside of a clear application or download), the backup file will be automatically removed at that time.


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Trending with multiple definitions


Trending enabled Start/Stop time


Trending ON/OFF

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Stop when Trend buffer is full


Trend by point COV


Trend by periodic polling rate


Display trend value

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