This section discusses information about Alarm Management.



BACnet intrinsic alarms

Uses Notification Classes so additional automation stations can receive standard alarms.

Alarm acknowledgement

BACnet allows independent acknowledgement for OFFNORMAL, NORMAL and FAULT.

Alarm detection, distribution, and management in Desigo PXC.A is a variant of the BACnet alarming model that has been tailored and extended for compatibility with current Desigo systems and tools.

  • Hierarchical event state aggregation is not supported. State count resident points offer similar features but only at the device level.
  • Hierarchical alarm aggregation is not supported. Alarm Aggregation only exists at the device level and in a simplified form for backwards compatibility.
  • The Desigo PXC.A object model will support the COMMAND_FAILURE algorithm with proof points.
  • The Out-Of-Range event algorithm does not support inner and outer limits.
  • Alarm messages have a predefined set of tokens.